The choice of different contraceptive types can seem somewhat overwhelming with too many different types to choose from.

You may wish to discuss natural fertility methods, condoms, ‘the pill’, whether it is the progesterone-only pill (POP or mini-pill), or combined pill (COCP), the nuva ring, the Implanon nxt implant, the copper IUD or the IUS called  ”the Mirena”.  We are available to help you in finding the safest form of contraception for you.

Depending on your individual circumstances, an IUD, Mirena or Implanon may be inserted on the same day.

Book an appointment with one of our Doctors to discuss your contraceptive choice by calling (08) 9778 0052 or booking on-line.

Emergency Contraception

Sometimes accidents happen, but did you know there is a new “morning after pill” that can be taken up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse? Alternatively a Copper IUD can be used as emergency contraception and then be used for on going contraception.

Book on-line or call (08) 9778 0052 to come in to discuss your emergency contraceptive needs. We can perform your STI screen and/or PAP screen at the same time if required.