Important Practice Information

How do I order a script from my doctor with out seeing them?

If you would like to order a script you can phone reception, give them your details and the information of the script you require. Please include the medication name and dose, this will be forwarded to your doctor. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing and note a script charge of $10.00 will be required to be paid on collection of the script. If you are unable to collect the script, we require a signed written consent from yourself (the patient) authorising the nominated person to collect the script. There are particular types of scripts that will only be provided when seeing the doctor and cannot be ordered over the phone. It is recommended that you call reception prior to coming in to collect your script to ensure it is ready.

What do I do if I have a complaint or give feedback?

If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you are not happy with the service at Bunbury maternity we would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can improve our service for your benefit. You may call and speak to the Practice Manager, send a letter or email addressed to the Practice Manager or request a client complaint form, which can be completed and returned to the Practice Manager. They will investigate the matter and provide you with feedback. If you wish the matter to be taken further patients may contact the Health and Disability Service Complaints Office on www.hadsco.wa.gov.au. We also have a suggestion box in our main waiting room with suggestion response sheets and pencils available.

How do I get my pathology results?

Patients are able to call anytime Monday- Friday 9.00am-5.00pm and see if a nurse is available to let them know their results. If a nurse is not available at the time reception will take a message and get someone to call you back asap. Please note the nurses will attempt to contact you for non urgent appointments up to two weeks after test is done. Please be aware you will not be called for normal results.

How do I transfer my medical records to and from Brecken?

If you wish to have your records transferred from your previous doctors surgery please see reception to complete a form that will be sent to your previous surgery. Please be aware that some surgeries have a transfer fee and wont release records until paid. If you wish to have your records transferred to a new surgery from Bunbury maternity, you will need to complete a transfer form at your new surgery. Please note we do charge for release of medical records, please speak with reception.

Practice Communications, Confidentiality and Privacy Information

How do I speak to my GP?

If you wish to speak with your doctor, phone reception who then will ask what the phone call is regarding and see if the doctor is available to take your call. If the doctor is unavailable, you may be able to discuss the matter with one of our nurses. If not the receptionists can take your details and pass them onto the doctor for them to return your call when available.
Please note: Doctors can be extremely busy throughout the day so they may not call back until the next day. If your call is urgent we recommend booking an appointment to see your doctor instead.

How does the practice appointment reminder system and recalls work?

We offer a free SMS text messaging service, that allows patients who have registered their mobile number with reception to receive a SMS reminder message the day before the next booked appointment.
Recall SMS reminders are sent every day for non-urgent reminders. If you do not have a mobile number registered you will receive a recall/reminder letter for pap smears, diabetes reviews etc. which are posted out by our nurses when the patient is shown to be due to see their doctor for this.

How do I get urgent results?

For all urgent results either a nurse or doctor will call the patient to give them their results over the phone or let them know they need to attend for a follow up appointment. If the patient does not answer or the phone number is incorrect/disconnected then a letter will be sent in the post to the patient’s listed address letting the patient know they need to contact the practice immediately . Messages can only be left when your name is stated on the answering service.

What is the practice privacy policy and confidentiality policy?

The practice privacy policy is available to all patients. When registering as a new patient you must sign that you have read and understood the practice privacy policy. Patients are welcome to take a copy of the privacy policy by asking at reception. Bunbury Maternity and Womens clinic privacy policy is a standard policy for Australian Medical surgeries. All staff members of Bunbury maternity are required to sign a confidentiality form on commencing work and may not commence without this. All Australian standards are followed for patient confidentiality.