Our Team

Dr Amanda Sabel – GP Obstetrician  

I trained as a Doctor in London, before working in surgical specialties and then ED before training as a GP in London. In 2012, me and the family moved to rural South Africa to work in a rural hospital- working in maternity and community clinics mainly. In 2015- the whole family moved to WA where I worked as a GPO before making the move to Bunbury. 



Dr Yulia Bazay – GP 

Doctor Yulia Bazay graduated from Siberian Medical University in Russia at the Faculty of General Practice in 2004.

She is a General Practitioner with special interest in dermatology and sexual health (both men and women). 

Previously, Yulia was working as a Dermatology Specialist and seeing patients of all ages with different skin conditions.  She is able to perform skin health checks.

Yulia has a huge interest in Aesthetic medicine and Medical Laser procedures e.g.  ablation, removal of benign skin lesions, acne and rosacea.

She can assist with management of chronical skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, lichen, atopic dermatitis and scalp conditions as well as pathological conditions of nails and nail beds.

 Yulia can offer advice regarding contraception and perform cervical tests, breast checks and Implanon insertions.

Come and see Yulia for your antenatal visits and immunisations as well as general health checks.


Kelly Forsyth – Midwife

I have worked as  midwife since 2001, practising across the continuum of maternity care. Being passionate about women’s health and well-being, I have provided care in low and high risk maternity settings and have always supported women in their choices for pregnancy, birth, and during their postnatal period. My absolute joy is seeing people become families, and falling in love with their new roles. Having worked in large tertiary hospitals, smaller district units, and with a community practice, I know that each family is unique, and each pregnancy and birth a very individual experience. I’m happy to support your pregnancy and birth plans, and choices for analgesia, be it waterbirth, epidural, or anywhere in between! I am the mother of three amazing humans, and had vastly different experiences with each birth. My hope is to facilitate women in achieving an empowering and fulfilling, wonderful outcome, by supporting individual choices, and holistic care throughout your pregnancy.

“The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife.”  –  Norwegian Proverb.



Harriette Coulson – Midwife / Lactation Consultant

I trained as a Midwife 28 years ago in Scotland and as a Lactation Consultant 20 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, I am an active counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. My passions lie in empowering  women and their families in their journey through parenthood.

My six children and numerous pets keep me busy and active. I love to exercise, but I am terrible at tennis.

I like to live by the maxim  ” First …. do no harm”



Monique Viandante – Midwife

My name is Monique Viandante and I have been working as a midwife since 2009 across all areas of the midwifery continuum. Every woman’s journey into becoming a mother is a different one, this may be due to cultural reasons, previous experience’s or first-time parents so it is important for me to individualise care for each mum. My work as a midwife allows me to be your educator, and advocate taking you through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the early neonate stage. I derive profound joy in working with you and your support person to discuss your birth choices, developing a birth plan for you made by you. It would be an absolute privilege to join you on your pregnancy journey. 

I have three amazing children who are all very different, my love for these individuals continues to grow each day.  Life would be pretty boring without them.