Dr Tara White – GP obstetrician

Dr White is a West Australian trained GP obstetrician. She completed her obstetric training at King Edward Memorial Hospital, as well as having Emergency Medicine experience. She also has completed a diploma in child health. Dr White completed her GP training in Manjimup and has now decided to call Bunbury her home.

Dr White has admitting rights to both the Bunbury Regional Hospital and St. John of God Hospital. She can look after women from pre-conception planning, throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Dr White is also available for contraceptive advice and can fit implants and all available IUD’s.

Harriette Coulson – Midwife / Lactation Consultant

Harriette is one of our Midwives and also a Lactation Consultant. She is happy to arrange a one-on-one consultation with you whilst you are still pregnant or after you have had your baby to discuss your individual feeding goals and needs, e.g. Antenatal colostrum expression, breastfeeding techniques and positions.

You may also wish to discuss other aspects of baby-care, such as settling and newborn sleep.

You may have certain conditions that may influence your baby’s feeding e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Gestational Diabetes, Gastric Sleeve surgery, Breast surgery, Thyroid disease, Caesarean birth, inverted/flat nipples and may wish to discuss your feeding needs before or after your baby is born.

Your baby may have been born preterm or have spent some time on bottles or nipple shields and may need some help and support to transition back to breastfeeding.

Harriette can also provide specialised attention for all kinds of feeding issues.

  • Attachment, positioning, feeding and settling
  • Sore Nipples
  • Reflux
  • Oversupply, gassy babies
  • Undersupply, poor weight gains and growth
  • Formula feeding-types of formulas, bottles, teats etc.
  • Night-time weaning
  • Re-Lactation
  • Expressing/storing breastmilk for paid working mums or other situations that you may want to give are placement/top up feed
  • Introducing solids-how to of baby led weaning/purees
  • Introducing expressed breast milk or formula
  • Weaning part time/full time from breast

Kelly Forsyth – Midwife

I have worked as  midwife since 2001, practising across the continuum of maternity care. Being passionate about women’s health and well-being, I have provided care in low and high risk maternity settings and have always supported women in their choices for pregnancy, birth, and during their postnatal period. My absolute joy is seeing people become families, and falling in love with their new roles. Having worked in large tertiary hospitals, smaller district units, and with a community practice, I know that each family is unique, and each pregnancy and birth a very individual experience. I’m happy to support your pregnancy and birth plans, and choices for analgesia, be it waterbirth, epidural, or anywhere in between! I am the mother of three amazing humans, and had vastly different experiences with each birth. My hope is to facilitate women in achieving an empowering and fulfilling, wonderful outcome, by supporting individual choices, and holistic care throughout your pregnancy.

“The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife.”  –  Norwegian Proverb.

Dr Amanda Sabel – GP Obstetrician

I trained as a Doctor in London, before working in surgical specialities and then ED before training as a GP in London. In 2012, me and the family moved to rural South Africa to work in a rural hospital- working in maternity and community clinics mainly. In 2015- the whole family moved to WA where I worked as a GPO before making the move to Bunbury.